Monday, January 28, 2008

My Crazy Family!

First of all I must say that I have a very talented family! My brother Mark likes to make short videos. He created a character called Uri Miller. Uri Miller is a scientist who has a super scientific video blog. In this blog he tells interesting facts about things like the creation of the earth. When Becky came out for Christmas Mark made this cute video about Uri Miller's family. Starring my sisters Becky, Liz, Mary, my Mom and Dad, and Becky's kids Josh, Nathan, and her new baby Katie. Take a look! I think it's hilarious! Enjoy!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Slowly getting this Blog thing

As you all may be aware, Jason signed up for this blog quite a long time ago, and until recently he was the only one of us that knew how to get to this page. I finally got him to help me log in for myself and I just now figured out how to put a title to each blog entry! Maybe I'll find out how to add more cool things to our blog page soon. This may take a while, but I'm sure I'll get it!

Too Cute!!!

Christopher is now at that age where he is learning how to say what he needs to to get what he wants. He lets me know when movies are over and tells me when he's "stinky."

Tonight he said a few things that I just had to share! I put a load of laundry in the wash and asked him if I could clean his "buh-buh" he said, "No, it's clean." Then he went and got his spare buh-buh for me to wash. After he finished his dinner he brought his empty plate and empty cup to me and said, "Mommy, dinner's not workin'. I'm still hungry."

This is Christopher with both of his buh-buhs.

Friday, January 25, 2008

MMMMMM...Potato soup!

Since the weather has been so cold, I decided to make some yummy potato soup for dinner one night this week. But for an added touch I also made some bread bowls to eat it out of for those of us that would enjoy them. They turned out so good and the girls loved being able to eat their bowls once they had finished their soup. It was so fun and easy to make I think I might have to make bread bowls every time I make soup.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rachel's 3 cars in one

For Christmas, Santa brought Rachel three cars! Pretty lucky kid right? I didn't get my first car until I was almost eighteen! But I guess I should mention that there was a catch. Yes, she had to assemble them herself! I'm sure you've all guessed by now that Rachel got her first set of Legos. It was a set that came with instructions for three different cars. She had so much fun putting all three designs together mostly by herself.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ruth's new hobby

Before Thanksgiving I started to go to a Relief Society Quilting group every Wednesday morning. I have enjoyed learning how to quilt. When I realized how much fun it was to put different fabrics together to make something pretty, I was hooked. I decided to make a quilt for my sister's new baby. Then I made one for Emily for her birthday. After that I decided that quilts would be perfect gifts for the siblings we had to shop for for Christmas. So I made one big one for Timmy and Kimmy and three smaller ones for Dan's two little boys and foster daughter. I also put one together for Kaitlin for her birthday. The blanket she kept carrying around with her was too small for her and I thought she might like a bigger one. Let me just say that she didn't. Oh well, I still put it on her at night. Anyways, it has been a ton of fun! I hope I can get better at it and maybe I'll have more space to quilt at my own house someday. :) I'll take pictures and post them later. Who knows, maybe I'll have another quilt to show off by then!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Fluoride, Foam and Fwoh-upp

So I, Ruth, took Rachel and Emily to the dentist for a cleaning today. Rachel, being the oldest, sat in the chair first while Emily watched from the side. Rachel commented about how she didn't like the flavor of the cleaning paste and gagged a couple of times. They used some foamy fluoride that also made her gag but she did what she was told and kept it in her mouth until they told her to spit. So Rachel was done and the girls traded places. I stood beside Emily to help reassure her that everything was cool. She actually laughed while they cleaned her teeth, but when it came time to rinse she too started to gag. So when they squirted the foamy fluoride in her mouth she gagged one last time and lost her lunch on the poor dental assistant. Luckily she was wearing a face shield and a smock. Oh, the joys of Motherhood!