Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

More about Prop 8

I came across this blog last week when emailed about the school sick-out. I found this post and thought I would share it with all of you. It brings up some important arguments and says it way better then I could ever say it! I'm so worried that I might have to Home-school in a couple of weeks! Check out this blog site:

Whether You Like It Or Not

My needs above yours…at any cost.

In my post, “It’s Not Just About Love” I brought up the idea that there are more intentions, more drives at play with the same sex marriage debate than just love. There is more at stake as well, but for a moment I want to focus on the intentions, the goals of the gay movement. They say it’s just about love, but I think it’s about affirmation and acceptance, about domination of ideas, my needs above yours at any cost.

Our friends in the gay community ask us to accept changing the definition of marriage from one man and one woman, because their heart’s desires are excluded. Are we unfair? Biased? Bigoted? Homophobic? No. The idea that desires sometimes go unmet for the greater good is part of life for responsible adults. Gay marriage at the expense of our children’s development, and our social stability is not a responsible path. If my heart’s desire is to two partners, I am free to act on that desire, but I am not free to call it marriage, no matter how much I may want it and feel lost without it. The consequences for society are too great.

It seems that there is a need in the gay community for affirmation, for society to stop “looking down” on the gay lifestyle. There is a tendency to blame all the misery they feel, and the harm they do to themselves and others on society because their lifestyle choices are not morally accepted in society. Somehow everything is supposed to change, people will be happy, once they’re accepted. How does changing the definition of marriage all of a sudden bring the light of happiness into a same sex couple’s life like we’re being told it will? It doesn’t.

I’ve made enough mistakes in my life to know, that just because someone says what I’m doing is ok, it doesn’t make the guilt I feel go away. People have no effect on God’s laws. If it’s wrong now, it will still be wrong even if all the courts in the land say it’s not. Morality is not peer driven. Does the gay community believe their misery will be lifted if we’re all affirming their lifestyle by inclusion? The guilt will not go away, it will just spread as we include our children in the sphere of exposure. If you’re not happy now, changing the definition of marriage won’t make you happy either.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pizza Night!

A couple of weeks ago we started a sort of tradition where we make pizza on Fridays. Not every Friday of course but about every other Friday. The kids help shape and top the pizzas. We usually just put pepperoni on half and ham and pineapple on the other half.

Well yesterday I decided to shake things up a bit and I wanted to try to make a pizza like I used to make at Round Table Pizza. Now mind you, it's been about nine years since I've worked there and a little less then that since I've had this particular gourmet pizza. Every time we go I am tempted to order it but the people I am with never want to share it with me. I believe this pizza is called the Chicken Garlic Gourmet and from what I remember, it had (In this order, please correct me if I'm wrong Courtney, if you can!) white sauce, spinach, cheese, zucchini, chicken, bacon bits, red onion, tomatoes, and a special herb seasoning sprinkled over top. Now doesn't that sound good! Well, we had plenty of Zucchini and tomatoes from our garden. And some left over chicken from dinner the night before. I scored a huge bag of bacon bits and another of spinach from Grocery Outlet. And we bought an onion the night before. The herb seasoning (I think) contains Italian Seasoning and Parmesan cheese. So I had all the ingredients and I went for it! It turned out great and it tasted just like, or at least close to what I remember it tasting like at the restaurant. I'm just so proud of myself I had to share! So if you love this pizza too, I hope you can try and make it yourself as well! Because, if I can do it anyone can Right?

My version fo the Chicken Garlic Gourmet
Rachel liked it!

I also made a pepperoni pizza and a half chicken and bacon, half cheese pizza too! Everyone was pleased with this weeks' pizza night!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Prop 8

Please, Please, Please watch the video to the right(and below)! It's only about 7 minutes long. I realize that I may be preaching to the choir, but maybe it will help sway someones vote! Please support Proposition 8! I don't want my right to teach my children right from wrong taken away! DO YOU???? If you agree, please pass it on!!!!