Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday Boys!

August 14th, Jason's 32nd birthday. September 7th, Christopher's 3rd birthday. September 16th, Aaron's 1st birthday. My boys all had birthdays and I neglected to share the fun times we had with our friends and family. I apologize for not blogging about all this sooner!

We celebrated Jason's birthday with a chocolate cake covered in candles! That guy is OLD! :) Love ya Sweetie! His parents also came to visit for the evening and we enjoyed a wonderful meal with them and our family!

Jason and his cake!
Then, for Christopher's b-day we spent the weekend at Jason's parents. Unfortunately, the night we arrived Christopher and Kaitlin took turns barfing. So we spent the weekend getting our loved ones sick (Sorry again Grandma and Grandpa!), cleaning up barf, and then we returned home to pass it around to the rest of the siblings. Christopher was well enough on his birthday to open presents and have fun at grandma's! I baked a cake for the boys to share a couple days after Aaron's birthday. We had to wait that long because Jason was working out at his sister's house and we couldn't celebrate Aaron's first birthday without daddy here! They had fun again opening more gifts and stuffing their cute little faces with yummy chocolate cake covered in chocolate frostingand sprinkles! (Christopher chose the flavors)

Christopher's birthday cake face! He saw that we were letting Aaron get all messy and he had to join in the fun!

There were just too many cute pictures of Aaron with his slice of the cake, so you get to see them all! He just loved having that huge piece of cake all to himself! I hope you enjoy!

Aaron stacking cups, he loves to knock things over!
Cars and trucks from Grandma!
Everyone joining in on the fun! Grandma Mavy gave the boys a wagon! You can see the box in the background if you look closely!

Our family at the end of the "Birthday Party." We can never really get any good happy pictures, so we tried for a goofy one. This was supposed to be a goofy picture, I guess we need to work on the goofy too! Jason was the on;y one that's got it down! ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Tagged By Vanessa

1. All of my family, especially my kiddos!
2. Baking yummy bread and cookies!
3. Getting enough sleep/rest!

1. That one of my kids will be diagnosed with Celiac disease and I won't be able to bake good food anymore.
2. That I'll never be released from being Primary President.
3. That we'll have to live in Clearlake for the rest of our lives because we bought our house at the wrong time.

Current Obsessions/Collections:
1. Webkinz
2. Staying in shape
3. Weaning Aaron!

Random Facts:
1. I would rather play computer games then blog.
2. I have a hard time telling people NO.
3. I like to plan for the future and be prepared, but I usually forget something. I have lists all over the place.

Now I'm tagging My Mom, Becky, Rachel, Angel and Sheila.

I'll update on what's going on around here soon! I promise!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Summer Vacation is Over?

Who new summer vacation could be over so quickly!? We've tried to keep busy this summer, and I guess it worked because looking back now it seems like it just flew by! With birthdays, baptisms, potty training, swimming, gardening, visiting family, camping, the library reading program, story-time at the library, and just hanging out at home I'm tired. Nothing too adventurous, but we've had a great summer!

About a month ago my parents came a took the girls for a few fun nights at the WorldMark Resort in Nice (about 30 min. away). They had a blast with G&G Christensen. They swam, played and did art projects. Let's just say that when Grandma and Grandpa dropped off the girls, they were worn out and ready to go home. We love you guys!

The week after that Jason's parents came for a visit. They stayed long enough to chat a while and treat us to dinner for Jason's birthday. We always enjoy having our family and friends over. Thanks for everything! We love you guys!

Our garden has done pretty good this year. We were able to enjoy most of the veggies we planted. And we look forward to harvesting our one remaining watermelon. Our sunflowers are blooming and they make me smile every time I get to look at them.

The girls have their first day of school today! They were so anxious and excited to find out who would be their teachers! And I'm glad to report that Rachel got one of the teachers she had wanted, Mrs. Mostin. Emily of course knew that she would get Mrs. Sullivan (Rachel's teacher last year) and she did. They're off to a great start! I hope they are always this excited for school to start! I know it won't last but a mother can always hope! Kaitlin has to wait until next year to start kindergarten. She doesn't seem too disappointed.

Now that the girls are off at school most of the day, maybe I'll find time more often to keep our blog updated!Rachel ready for third grade.
Emily ready for second grade.
In front of our sunflower fence ready to go to school!
Rachel's Giant sunflower she planted the end of second grade. That thing is close to ten feet tall! Unfortunately it slumped over. But it sure makes it easier for the girls to check the seeds. It actually grew two heads too. You can see the smaller of the two behind Rachel's head.
I just wanted to post this cute picture of Aaron! Can you tell that he loves to eat!? I have to bathe this kid twice a day sometimes! I love this little guy!