Sunday, July 06, 2008

July 5th Freworks

fireworksWe went to our Bishop's house last night to watch the fireworks over the lake. When they finally started launching the fireworks (10pm) the kids were only interested in the movie that they had been watching while waiting for the show to start. (picture shown above is not actual fireworks that we saw. I didn't pull my camera out for the show)
We were able to get the kids out for most of the fireworks and we enjoyed ourselves with the great company and all the watermelon, cantaloupe, popcorn and ice cream cones.

Kaylee Rose Is Here!

Well, Sarah had her baby last Saturday the 28th of June! She weighed in at 6lbs. 4oz. and she's such a little cutie! I think she looks like her big sister! I took the girls to visit her in the hospital last Sunday. They all thought she was pretty cute too! They're home now and doing great! My parents and my brother Mark came to meet Kaylee this last weekend and we enjoyed every minute we had with them! Thanks for a great time!
Kaylee Rose
Sarah and Kaylee
Emily and Kaylee
Kaitlin and Kaylee
Rachel and Kaylee
The girls and their newest cousin! They sure love getting new cousins! It's always fun to have someone new to love! Congratulations Sarah!