Sunday, August 03, 2008

Julyful month

The month has been crazy!

Independence day,Scout camp, a baptism, potty-training and another ambulatory member of the family!

Scout camp for the scouts in our ward was up at Lassen National Volcanic Park, July 14-19. I am the scoutmaster, so it was my privilege to take the Highlands ward scouts to the stake sponsored camp. Had a great time. Hiked 2 miles up Mount Lassen (2.5 mile hike). Saw a few deer, many chipmunks, birds, some finicky fish. We took a hike to a geothermal site called Bumpass Hell. Here is a picture overlooking the site from the trail above.
You really have to be there to appreciate the scene and the smell.:) Saw a bear on the walk too! It was about 20' from us when we noticed it, walking through the woods and didn't care about us at all. It had very long sunbleached fur, kind of like the one here:

Rachel was baptized on the 20th, along with her cousin Joshua Bunting at the Auburn stake center. Each were baptized and confirmed by their fathers. It was great to have the family and some friends together for the event.
Rachel: I was very happy when I came up!

Christopher has started using the toilet. All the good times and bad times that could could possibly be associated with that process are part of our family right now. He has done very well at church, though.

Aaron is taking steps on his own! He is up to nine by himself. He tends to fall when walking from parent to parent because he knows we will catch him. But when he has something he is interested in he is much more stable. I wish we had a helmet we could put on him to protect his face from his many falls.

I've been making some modifications to our charcoal grill this summer. I will have a new post on that subject as soon as that is ready.

Lastly, we have had a couple visitors who each spent a day at our house. They arrive sometime during the night. Apparently the bed is so comfortable that meals weren't necessary. When we saw the first one we called animal control. The county won't do anything about wild animals and said to call Fish and Game. We let both go after they each spent a night in our jail.

Two possoms on two different nights. No bait in trap. Both juveniles.