Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Bird


Thanks to Donny for bringing this to my attention. Apparently it was first shown on the Tonight Show.

When I first heard that Barack was awarded the Nobel Peace prize I thought it was a joke. But it is actually quite fitting since the intent of the award is to celebrate those individuals who have labored towards reducing standing armies and propagating peace conferences. He is perfect. Of course, that isn't exactly what I want in a commander in chief.

But for those of you who are shocked I am in agreement with you since the nominations were required to be submitted by February 1, 2009, a whole 12 days after his inauguration. And since his life's work is so void of valuable accomplishment, those 12 days must have been amazing. Perhaps they could make a movie about it called "12 Days". It would rule the box office and provide everyone with a much needed nap, kind of like that other "days" movie, "13 Days".

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Aaron's 2


Aaron had his birthday a few weeks ago (the 16th) so I guess it's about time I blog about it. The boy has been acting two for the past six months so we're already used to the terrible two's attitude. He's such a sweet boy when he wants to be or when he wants to get out of trouble. Which has been working lately. All he has to do is flash that adorable little grin and we (Maybe Jason's a little stronger at resisting) melt. Of course we have realized this and are trying our best to put a stop to this behavior. He's just too cute and he knows it!!!

On the night of his birthday, we celebrated with just our little family. We ate a great dinner of grilled pork tenderloin with rice and spaghetti squash from our garden. We then put together some foam airplanes toys and had fun flying them around the house for a little bit. For the cake, I had some icing left over from Liz's wedding cake, and Christopher's cake, so I wanted to use it all. I hate wasting good food and this icing was definitely good! We enjoyed the evening together and He opened his gifts. He got a homemade dinosaur toy, which he named Dino and a colored twirly flashlight. He had fun touching the light to everything, listening to the different sounds it could make. He even had to try it out on David's head.Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit last week and brought him and Christopher more presents. For Christopher they brought a Percy train to go along with the Thomas that he got on his cake. And for Aaron, they brought him a Flicker flashlight from the Handy Manny show. The boys LOVE these new toys and are playing with them daily. Thanks!!!

It was a great day for our little stinker and I'm sure he was happy! We love that he is so full of life and that he can find the joy in everything! What a wonderful addition he has been to our family! Love you Aaron!!!