Monday, March 28, 2011

Yup, that's MY daughter!


We've never been the kind of parents to go up with our children to the pulpit and help them bare a testimony.

At fast and testimony meeting yesterday, Rachel turned around (Yes, we are taking up two benches now) and asked me if I was going up there. I quickly replied,"NO" as I held Aaron in my arms and the other boys were close at hand needing to be reverenced. The meeting began, testimonies were shared, and then it happened. Rachel, seeing a lull in the meeting, shot out of her seat and up to the stand. She ended up having to sit next to the bishop as she waited for one other person to share their testimony. Then it was her turn. That brave little girl walked up and stood at the microphone. It was clear that she was nervous and that she was thinking hard about what to say. She has written her testimony in her "Faith in God" booklet, but this was the first time she stood in front of the ward. It took her a minute to get some words out, but when they came, they were heart-felt and very sincere. She spoke of her testimony of the church being true and how she loves her family, even if she doesn't show it all the time. She expressed her desire to be like Christ. After she was finished, she walked quickly back to our bench with tears starting to flow. I greeted her with a tissue and a firm embrace. She is such an amazing example to her siblings and to me! I am so proud to be able to claim her as my daughter! She is indeed a blessing to our family!!! Rachel, we love you!


bobfarris3 said...

Rachel is truly a blessing to our Ward. Each unique member of the Mavy family has personally touched my life and I love and apreciate the whole clan.

Steph said...

That is very cool! You have such awesome kids :)

Emma said...

Wow, that was touching :) I can understand why you are so proud. :)

Love, Emma

emma-so-rad said...

Oh, and "BBQ duck" does, in fact, belong in the "what not to do" category. LOL!! I'm sure that's what your husband means, right?